Roof Leak Detection - Roof Maintenance

First Class Roofing Systems UK are now in the position to offer the Electronic roof leak detection service, we are able to detect with amazing accuracy the location of water ingress within flat roof areas.

With the electronic roof testing equipment, a wet surface is necessary for the test to be effective. Waterproof membranes can be tested for pinholes and porosity by using a High Voltage Detector. For the test to be effective the membrane must have a conductive backing i.e. PVC on steel, felt on concrete or foil-backed insulation board. Faults through the membrane can be easily located by passing a high voltage across the surface using a brush or roller electrode. Using this system there is no further risk of finding leaks by guess work and the potential problems of further visits and costly repairs,

The key things you need to check no matter what type of roof you have:

Some maintenance tasks are common to all types of roof, others are specific to the particular roof type. Some tasks will need to be completed more often lead flashings external PVC guttering box gutters and down pipes . Anything that penetrates the roof, such as pipes, flues or fixings, needs special care to ensure weather tightness.

Annual maintenance checks

Following the autumn months the problems with leaves moss and fallen branches to roof areas can cause problems with the water outlets, should they become blocked then this can cause all sorts of internal as well as external damage, therefore all outlets to roof areas should be checked this procedure should be carried out at least once a year.

A regular roofing maintenance schedule can be set up with us to ensure that all the required maintenance is carried out and in the possible event of any problems this can be attended too whilst on site.

Our Technical staff are on hand to assist clients with technical assistance on all matters concerning our range of flat roofing services, whether it be problem solving, specifications or general enquiries.

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